Coyote H50ie Proportioner

Coyote H50ie - All-in One Spray Foam and Polyurea Proportioner

Coyote H50ie Proportioner H50ie

Coyote H50ie - All-in One Spray Foam and Polyurea Proportioner

The Coyote H50ie is a very high output industrial All-in One Spray Foam and Polyurea Proportioner . It includes a generator, compressor, air dryer, proportioning unit and 200 feet of hose in a very compact small footprint. The Coyote is easily movable and able to be placed in a small pickup or Sprinter van.

The Coyote is designed to be trouble free and easy to use.

The Coyote features all liquid heat technology meaning higher efficiency using less power and offers the ability to have up to 500 feet of hose. The most attractive feature of the Coyotes series liquid heated technology is that is has proven to give the installer up to 10% more yield over electric firing rod technology as the heat is distributed more gently and uniformly as not to diminish the catalyst packages in various spray foams.

Track your machine via iPhone and Android

ACME’s new Out-of-Sight Technology allows you to track where you machine is at all times via iPhone and Android smartphones, and gain vital statistics about its current operation. Out-of-Sight also records all its data which can provide you with Historical data and graphs to trouble shoot any issues and to track your teams performance.

The Coyote can be adapted to run 2 hoses off of one machine without any significant loss of output.


  • Max Output: 48lbs per minute
  • Max Pressure:3500 psi
  • Warranty: One year
  • Power: 230v 1ph/3ph
  • Dimensions: 20” (d) x 40” (w) x 54” (h)